Education is our need livip Online

Education is our need livip Online

Yes, it was Islam that blew the trumpet of Iqra and taught the whole world the importance of knowledge. Then why did the era of intellectual backwardness of Muslims finally begin? You can Check All Update of Education system On Out site

Life has accelerated over the past four decades. Technology and innovations have changed the whole picture. However, the agenda of some people here is still: three-time bread and dowry for girls is enough!

History tells us that the British ruled many countries, including the subcontinent, and engaged in scientific inventions.

During this period the British and other Western nations gave the world important inventions like steam engine, lighting conductor, hydrometer, parachute, lithography, electric battery camera digital calculator  electromagnet, telegraph which changed the condition of this world. Gone

Putting dust on what happened in the past, if our youth move forward with new enthusiasm and new energy and change their priorities, they can once again take command of the stars.

Wealth riches and power are of no use if there is no vision for the future and foresight. The bright mornings of life keep knocking on every door of the palaces of our own rulers but they are not heard by them.

Shah Jahan also had the legitimacy to set up a hospital as Mumtaz Mahal had died while the child was in its infancy. Therefore Shah Jahan could have established many big hospitals in the country and the nation could have got thousands of doctors from these hospitals. Our kings did not have a vision.

This is the best, but the worst example of it. Even four centuries later, we are still talking about ignorance of our priorities for these historical mistakes because we still have all these scales of wrong priorities. Appear.

What is our future concern and direction? Youth! We need education, a little research will lead you to the conclusion that ignorance was sacred before Islam.

There has been a long-running debate over whether there is a connection between the Qur’an and science. If so, what kind? Listen.

Tthe Qur’an mentions the scientific sciences of the present age very well, but it would still be appropriate to say that the Qur’an is not a book of science but a book of signs. Remember that the meaning of the Arabic word verse has also been taken by the scholars as a sign.

It is as if every verse of the Qur’an is a sign of God Almighty, the purpose of which is to guide us to the right path.

When talking about the scientific and rational aspects of the Qur’an, we must remember that the Qur’an has a specific style of expression.

These codes draw our attention to nature and the system of the universe, give us clues about it, arouse our curiosity and motivate us to research.

For example, in terms of order, the first verse of the first surah of the Qur’an leads us to research: Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds. This verse says that it is not just one world there are many more worlds in the universe, do research.

Early scholars were accustomed to living a balanced life, so they were experts in religious matters on the one hand, and on the other hand they had access to secular sciences such as logic, philosophy and mathematics. That is why the teachings of the Qur’an al-Hakim contained guidelines and guidelines for both religion and the world. However, in about the twelfth century AD, the decline in the intellectual and scientific tendency among Muslims began when we understood religion and the teachings of the world separately.

Imam al-Ghazali played the most enlightening role here through his revival of sciences when he declared even sciences like medicine and mathematics to be sufficient. Imam al-Ghazali considered some of the important arts of his time, such as surgery, agriculture, textiles, etc., to be obligatory.

In the view of Imam al-Ghazali, although these sciences and arts are not directly related to the Shari’ah, their indifference or indifference to them can lead to the deterioration of society and the need of human beings.

Today we are greatly influenced by the progress and scientific advances of the United States, Britain and France. We must not forget that we had more powerful governments and rulers who had abundance of wealth, innumerable resources but take the example of this subcontinent where not everyone here except Tipu Sultan was interested in scientific technology.

Equipped with the weapons of modern education and technology, our youth have not been able to compete with life and time, but in this regard, there could have been an effort, but we did not.

During these years, the country got a lot of Muslim ministers but they could not become the leaders of the Muslims. Some were not capable of this and some of them we did not recognize.

Today we can be prosperous again with foresight and vision, for this we have to have courage and for education we have to make every effort individually and collectively in every way.

How can a nation which started from Iqra be deprived of education? Maybe for this we have to work hard at every level so that we can regain our lost place. If we have the knowledge then we will be able to do something for the country as long as we are not ourselves.

Until then we will not be able to do anything for ourselves and if we cannot do anything for ourselves then what will we do for the country.

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