Ways to get rid of anxiety Liviponline

Ways to get rid of anxiety Liviponline

One day I was sitting on the bus going to work the bus was on its way to its destination two men from a bus stop got on the bus.

The bus cutter asked them for rent money and they said they Going to Indus Hospital which is a good hospital near Korangi Crossing Karachi .

Where the poor get free treatment one of the men repeatedly stuck his head out of the bus window and looked outside – and so on.

He seemed to be in a hurry to get to the hospital – seeing the scene, his companion said, “Would our stop be quicker if you looked outside again and again?

When asked he said that they are both real brothers and are going to Indus Hospital to see their elder brother who is very ill – they all live separately but illness, sadness, joy and Eid-ul-Baqara come together on Eid.

After a while their desired stop came and the two brothers got off the bus and walked towards the hospital –
I began to think that when my parents died.

I was so upset that I became very ill and had to leave my office  when I went back to the office a few days later an old man in the office Speaking of work he said “Instead of just worrying about any kind of problem we should try to get rid of it. 

For example if someone is sick get them treated if If someone has died, arrange for a shroud burial if someone is financially distressed that is if someone’s daughter is getting married help her financially etc., etc.

Do not just sit and be upset and Sit down and make your health worse  As one elder puts it “Troubles come from thoughts not circumstances.”

If despite all efforts, matters are not being resolved, do not put the sacks of your worries in front of you but present them to Allah Almighty and pray.

“O Almighty, these are my great problems they are not being solved by me.” Yes, I have brought it before you. Solve it. Allah will solve it. Only faith and belief should be perfect.

Everyone should know that the fulfillment of our intentions desires aspirations and plans needs the help of Allah Almighty.

That is when Allah Almighty intends a deed He says to it “Who” means “to be” and that thing becomes Perfect faith in Allah is the blessing before which even the heads of kings bow down – according to the poet

“Create faith O foolish faith The dervishes to whom Faghfuri bows”

Do not swear falsely

This is the true story of the last Eid I went to Bolton Market Karachi to get a new wad of notes  to distribute Eid to the children on the occasion of Eid Bolton Market is an area of ​​Karachi.

Where people are everywhere on the sidewalk. Prize bonds and new dolls of notes are being sold – and many people who don’t want to line up at banks pay more to buy dolls off the sidewalk.

At one point I saw a rush of people and I went there – then I found out that there was a quarrel between the shopkeeper with the note doll and a customer that the shopkeeper was saying that the man had not paid for the doll and the doll.

Asking while the man was saying that he had paid for the doll I looked at both of them and found out that the customer was looking like an office man and was dressed in a pants shirt while the shopkeeper was Haliya.

The poor man was visible, but he was wailing too much and behaving so unnaturally for a wad of notes as if his whole world was engulfed – that is, making a great noise and I was crying with tears – I felt as if he was acting a little too much and it is known that excessive cleanliness makes a man guilty.

All of a sudden this office babu said to the shopkeeper He swore by the Holy Quran that he had not taken the money for the doll, so the shopkeeper immediately swore by the Holy Quran that the official babu gave up the demand for the doll of notes and left.

And so the matter was settled and then the shopkeeper stopped crying after watching this whole incident I felt as if the shopkeeper was a liar because such a fuss for a doll is kind of a scam.

Only a noble man can make a fuss Allah Almighty knows the real truth of this incident but if my guess is correct, the shopkeeper will be severely harmed by swearing falsely and according to the poet Dagh Dehlavi

For the sake of it I agreed By false oath your faith is gone

The guidance of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is precious
Which means something like ” Whoever takes someone’s property by swearing falsely will appear before Allah as a leper

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