Horrible pits that suddenly appear in Turkish fields

Heavenly Disaster or Human Mistakes Horrible pits that suddenly appear to be engulfing Turkey’s fields

Hundreds of new strongholds have been reported in the Turkish. agricultural province of Konya since the beginning of this year more than double the number registered last year and it still seems to be a human problem rather than a natural one.
Konya is Turkey’s agricultural hub and as far as the eye can see, there is a vast sea of ​​wheat – however, persistent droughts in the area have caused problems for farmers, leading to deep ditches. Problem is get

ting worse

Professor Fatehullah Eric head of the Sankol Research Center at Konya Technical University, says the last 10 to 15 years have seen the emergence of these pits, but research has been underway since 1970 to find out why. This was the era when an uncontrollable era of underground irrigation began and unfortunately it is still going on.

Drought occurs every year, and it is expensive to get water from other sources, so farmers still turn to groundwater, making the problem worse.

Some of these pits are much deeper than we see although farmers start filling them as soon as they appear, but this is not a permanent solution or a proper idea.

“Farmers also want a solution and they can’t be filled properly because the pits are deeper than they can see,” says Fateh Eric. It is best to identify the places where these pits have appeared to prevent accidents.

Recently, 660 pits have been registered in this province of Turkey which is almost double the number of 350 pits recorded last year – although no damage has been done yet.

These pits are appearing near human settlements – and Scientists are also unable to say when and where these pits may appear – so casualties are possible.

In 2018, more than 20 pits were registered in Konya Province, but many are worried about the rate at which they have appeared in the last two years.

Unfortunately until the problem of irrigation through groundwater is solved it is expected that these pits will continue to form.

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