Where is the pride of midnight in the destiny of every bride?

Where is the pride of midnight in the destiny of every bride?

A young man who came to the United States on a visit visa took advantage of one of the facilities of the then immigration laws and obtained a state ID, thanks to which he was able to get a decent job At

When he went to Pakistan on holiday his mother and sisters started looking for a girl for him. Then at a wedding ceremony they fell in love with a girl and then the boy got married with great fanfare.

It was almost a wedding ceremony, but the bride’s leave was not taken. The young man re

turned and applied for a fiance visa, then only a year and a half later his fiance got a US visa and he immediately got the plane seat OK.

Then the boy’s family expressed their wish to the girl’s family that now your daughter and our daughter-in-law will go to their husband then do not know when they will come?

We want him to spend the rest of the day with us in our house. The girl’s family agreed and the girl was made a mother. The henna ritual was performed and then her in-laws took her away with all their might.

They had brought only a barat in which the groom was not present yet the wedding hall was traditionally decorated for the girl’s stay. Then the hours of her departure also arrived.

The girl was made a new bride. This time she left her father-in-law and arrived in the United States. After going through the immigration process, she came out of the airport building at night and her husband was waiting for her who had booked a room in the hotel for the night.

When he reached there with his wife, she was exhausted from such a long journey and was also under the influence of some jet lag. Shortly afterwards, she fell asleep and fell asleep.

Her husband tried to wake her up, but she did not wake up. He too was tired of running all day and fell asleep quietly.

When the two of them opened their eyes at dawn they rushed to the check-out and then left for their small, simple nest where no one was present to greet them or their loved ones. There was no sage.

Everything you read above is not a myth or fiction it is a real story. One of the strange things about it is that a girl became a bride three times but never once in her life did she get married. Life’s most beautiful night

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