Child Training and Psychology livip online

Child Training and Psychology livip onlineHow to explain or talk to the child ??
The child has made a mistake for the first time
Don’t react, just act
Often our attitude towards children is what we might call a reaction to children’s actions or words.
Its disadvantages
1. Our attitude is negative, that is, we criticize. Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t go there, negative sentences and criticism.
2. The children decide which instructions we will give and which ones we will talk about. A lot of training is left to be said because we don’t tell unless the child is doing something wrong.
So what to do
follow it
If a child is doing something wrong at some point, it is best to ignore it, change the subject, express resentment with your body language, or hold it gently to stop it. Give Don’t react harshly. Physically you have to stop again and again. You have to stop even 10 times. Patience is a must. The reward for this patience will come in the form of the child refraining from this action for the rest of his life.

Make a note of this or that action or movements
Explain it alone at an appropriate time (baby’s mood and your mood is pleasant). Explain the reason, the principle, why the thing or action is wrong. So that he can decide for himself what is right and what is wrong
How to talk to a ch

ild First of all keep in mind that the purpose of everything we say or do should be to please God. So tell me about the wrong deed or thing that Allah will be angry with it. And Allah Almighty and the parents will be happy with the right action.
Then tell the child what is the right action or thing and how to do it. Practice by doing the right action drama etc.
Say the child’s actions or words are wrong, not the child’s identity,
Do not compare your child’s speech or actions with any other child’s.
Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

The meaning should be according to the child’s mental level.
The words should be part of the child’s working voca


bulary The child is attracted to you
Both you and the baby should not be under the influence of any intense emotion, anger, grief, depression, etc.
You and the baby are physically facing each other and at the same level of height
Respect the child’s feelings and emotions.
Talk to your child in private or alone
۔ Teach ethics in advance through storytelling as well.
Refrain from lecturing and explaining all the time.

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