The king had a lot of politicians liviponline

The king had a lot of politicians liviponline

Habits address generations A stranger came to the king’s court to ask for a job Qualifications were asked he said I am political. (In Arabic those who solve problems through political understanding and understanding is called understanding) The king had a lot of politicians.

He was specially made in charge of the stable Who had recently died. A few days la

later the king asked him about his most expensive and beloved horse It’s not racial he said.

To the king’s surprise, he discovered Sais by blocking him from the forest. he said that the horse is a breed but his mother had died at birth. He drank the milk of a cow and raised it with him.

The person in charge was called How do you know it’s not original he said when it eats grass, it lowers its head like a cow while the breed horse raises its head with the grass in its mouth the king was very impressed with her intelligence.

Cereals ghee roasted lentils and high quality bird meat were sent to the responsible person’s house as a reward.
At the same time he was posted to the queen’s palace a¬†few days later the king asked his companion for his opinion on Begum he said.

The costumes are like a queen, but there is no princess. The earth came out from under the king’s feet he regained his senses he called his mother-in-law The matter resonated with him.

She said The fact is that your father asked my husband for a relationship at the birth of our daughter but our daughter died within six months.

So we made someone’s daughter our daughter in order to establish a close relationship with your kingdom.
The king asked the companion How did you know He said His treatment of servants is worse than that of the ignorant.

The king was impressed by his intelligence, giving “lots of grain, sheep and goats” as a reward at the same time he was appointed to his court.

Some time passed Called the companion discovered about himself said the companion, John’s order The king promised he said: You are neither the son of a king nor do you behave like a king. The king was upset but he had given up his life.

Straight to his mother’s palace she said it was true you are the son of a shepherd. We did not have children, so we raised you. The king called the companion and asked How did you know ???

He said When kings give rewards and honors to someone they give them diamonds pearls jewels But you give sheep goats food and drink.

This style is not the son of a king It can only be the son of a shepherd Habits address generations Habits ethics and behavior Identify both blood and race.

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