Swat Valley Tour And Swat HD Pics liviponline

Swat Valley Tour And Swat HD Pics liviponline

Assalam o Alaikum! I have brought a short but unique Article today On my site When you enter Swat region you find apple peach and persimmon orchards.

I traveling on Malam Jabba road. There are orchards full of persimmon right and left. I am standing in a persimmon orchard.

Let’s check how a tree full of persimmon looks like how do they pick it and how they pack it and where do they send it? We simply buy from Bazar and eat.

Since it is a perishable fruit which rots soon like strawberry but they are packing unripe

persimmon here. I have seen it unripe on trees. We will see how to pick it and then send it to market. Let’s fin

d out. He is my supervisor. These children pick fruit from the trees.

They have a little bag on their shoulder and fill it after climbing on the trees. They know which one is mature and ready to be picked.

All of them look fine to me but they are leaving them. They are expert of their job. They are filling their bags in a few minutes and packing is also going on.

My life has changed all together. It looks like this when it is plucked from the tree light red or orange that’s why we mistook it as peach from the running car but it of orange color.

The people who are packing told us that it will turn red by the time it reaches market they do not add any chemical to ripen them.

It looked like peach but it is not peach. We stopped our car and came to know about it. They are packing persimmon here. When you travel from Mingora city towards Malam Jabba there are orchards of persimmon peach and apple. Potato is also harvested here a lot.

We have just came out of city and crossed Fiza Gat. Brother where do you send it to? Faisalabad Lahore and Rawalpindi. Faisalabad Lahore and Rawalpindi.

It is unripe but it gets ripened when it reaches us. They add chemicals to it in fruit market. But you have packed it. Will they open it again? Yes they will open it.

They add chemicals like they do with mango and banana. They add carbide. It is so hard now that it can burst a man’s head. Thank you so much buddy.

In which season it is harvested? In cold weather. When winter starts appearing. It turns red when it is winter. It will turn red with the intensity of the cold. Does it grown once a year? Yes, just one. Right.

Swati persimmon is very popular. What other areas grow it? In Peshawar but its color is not red there. It is due to the quality of their water. You send it in turks? Yes.

Last time I saw peach being packed. Peach ends in August. Right. I went into a persimmon orchard for the first time and I enjoyed a lot there.


Let me know if you like persimmon or not. Most of the people do not like it. They complained about irritation after eating it.

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