Just wake up today’s mother liviponline

Just wake up today’s mother liviponline

The purpose of the mother’s creation was not only to advance the human race. Rather the mother’s lap was given the status of a training ground for the training of human beings.

Paradise was spread under the mother’s feet. The greatness honor and respect of the mother was declared obligatory. Also her consent was interpreted as the pleasure of the Lord and her disobedience as disobedience to the Lord.

But what about today’s mother conveying her status She used to enlighten her outward appearance with the importance of her existence. She used to pay homage to her children. She used to help her in improving the outward and inward appearance of her children.


She used to associate him with Almighty. The color of the saints of the Holy Prophet (sws) would fill the color. The purpose of his life would be to achieve the achievements of the Hereafter.

His personality would be filled with the eternal faith and love of the Companions. Lost their children in the thoughts of Superman and Spider Man.


Aritham made him Muhammad ibn Qasim and Tariq ibn Ziyad. But you let him get lost in the deceptions of this mortal world.

You had to give courage to your children for the sake of Maula Ali. You had to give faith to Omar Farooq. You had to give the generosity of Usman Ghani. You had to give the truthfulness of Abu Bakr Siddiq.

The servant was to enlighten his heart with the love of the universe. He was to meet the Lord of the universe. Bibi Fatima’s shame was to enlighten him with his thoughts and ideas through revelation and purity.

Today’s mother just wakes up. If she still doesn’t wake up. So a storm of destruction is still standing in front of you. There is still time. Just recognize these values. Separate yourself a little from the mortal love of the world free your mind from this radiance.

So He is the Exalted and the Great Being. As He has been chosen. For the settlement of generations. Then pay your due. Otherwise, on the Day of Resurrection you will seek Paradise from the mouth of your Lord.

There is still time. Get up, renew your faith, forget the love of this world, and think of the Hereafter for which you are responsible. Your first responsibility in this world is to raise children. Your job is to improve the worldly morals and habits in his personality and to highlight the service of religion and its duties.

The source of salvation for one’s children in the hereafter is to make charity in this world.

May the tears become the guarantor of their repentance. And may they attain this great purpose of their life (training and children).

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