7 Big Mistakes in Beam Construction livip online

7 Big Mistakes in Beam Construction livip online

in this short and practical video i will guide you for seven common mistakes in the construction of this plant beam so let’s get start guys you can see this is length beam for three story commercial building as you can see the first mistake is they used here four steel rods which dia is 12 millimeter so this is.

the first mistake so for commercial building you can’t use four steel rods this is not a domestic building the second mistake is as you can see this is the junction for beam and column you can see you can’t see any development length for beam to make a good bond between steel and concrete so this is the second the third mistake guys you can see the spacing of stirrups which is more than 12 inches 30 centimeter so guys here you can see.

This is about 45 centimeter sometimes 30 centimeter 40 centimeter so this is the third mistake so the fourth mistake is guys you can see the stirrups hooks are banned with one uh not 135 degree but it’s bend on 90 degree guys you can see clearly in the spacing also with l by 4 distance you can’t see uh the stirrup spacing closely if you see its junction so they didn’t use here the extra bars because at the junction.

We should provide extra bars or cut piece because here we have maximum shear stresses so guys this is the poor construction of length beam for commercial building look at here guys the other mistake is guys size of the beam guys you can see the width of this beam is uh nine inch okay and the depth is also nine inches but remember the depth of the beam should be maximum compared to its width okay so.

This is the other if you see guys it’s a concrete cover you can’t see any concrete cover for this plate beam so concrete cover is very important so it should be provided from 25 to 30 millimeter or one inch is very important for the beam okay you can see clearly guys look here this is the junction you can’t see any development length and you can see the spacing of the stirrups so the first strip should be placed with the distance or the spacing of 2 inches but here all spacing for stirrups are more than 12 inches more than 30 centimeters so sometimes 40 centimeters you can see clearly hooks everything is wrong guys so i am discussing mistakes on construction site because you try uh to.

Fix those mistakes during building construction or starting construction of length beam column slab or anything any rcc structure okay look here guys you can see clearly what’s wrong in this construction of length beam especially at steel reinforcement

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